PinHole Cameras


I build my cameras with care using traditional methods and woods. These cameras are built to accept standard film holders. Pinholes are cut to exact specifications using high speed wire drills. The cameras do not come with shutters. With the long exposure times of the pinhole cameras you can just use your finger. All cameras have 2 tripod mounts for horizontal or vertical use.


Cameras can be custom built to the users specification for an additional charge. Price depends on wood, focal lenght, and film size. If you require a film size of other than 4X5 or 8X10, I will need a film holder to use while I build the camera. I normally build and stock 4X5 cameras in the range of 55mm - 90mm with a pinhole of .020" ... 8X10 cameras will be available late March 2007

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54mm Cherry Camera 4X5



my e-mail address is dwilder57@CustomCueCase.Com

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