My name is Dennis, I make all the wooden cases that I sell as CustomCueCase.com, my wife Debbie helps by lining the cases with the foam and felt.
I make a 1X1, 1X2 and 2X2 Pool Cue Cases for eBay sales. Most of my cases are built with domestic hardwoods. I try and choose the stock that has interesting figure for the cases. Exotic woods like Cocobolo are expensive and very hard to work with, I have to charge accordingly.
I like to make the chess boards but have to admit that I'm a really poor chess player. I try to keep the overall size with frame under 24 X 24. This helps keep the shipping costs down. My normal boards are solid wood - Maple & Walnut. I can custom make your board any size and use more exotic woods. I much prefer to work in solid woods, but on request will do thin glue ups to help with the cost of some exotics.
Thanks for your interest.


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